DIXIECON 33 - May 2019

2019 Dixiecon Details

  • THURSDAY MAY 23, 2019 - Terradipping and Open Gaming Begin at 6pm
  • FRIDAY, MAY 24, 2019
  • Whenever to 6pm - Open Gaming for Early Arrivals
  • 6pm to Whenever - Diplomacy Round One
  • 6pm to Whenever - Iron Man Begins and Terradipping Continues
  • SATURDAY, MAY 25, 2019
  • 9:30am to 5pm - Diplomacy Round Two (and Team Tournament)
  • 9:30am to 5pm - Iron Man/Terradipping Tournaments Continue
  • 5pm to 6pm - Barbeque Supper
  • 6pm to Whenever - Terradipping Final Board/Iron Man Continues/Open Gaming

  • SUNDAY, MAY 26, 2019
  • 9:30am - Diplomacy Round Three Begins
  • 4pm to 6pm - Diplomacy Round Three Ends
  • 9:30am to 2pm - Final Iron Man Tournament Games
  • After Dip Round - Awards Ceremony
  • After Awards Ceremony - Adjourn to Supper Debriefing
  • After Supper Debrief - Open Gaming until Morning

Housing Details

The tournament is held at Granville Towers, a private dorm adjacent to the UNC campus, and directly on the main business street in Chapel Hill, Franklin Street. The rooms can be single or double occupancy. Two rooms share a bathroom in the middle. These are fairly nice dorm rooms, but do not expect hotel amenities. At $35 per night to share a room, and $70 per night for your own room, the premium is on value instead of comfort. After all, how much do you REALLY want to stay in your room at Dixiecon?

The Hampton Inn in Carrboro is a very close drive, or a fairly long walk.  There are also several other hotels within a short drive if you wish to avoid the dorm. The Red Roof in Durham is a popular alternative, or you can try the pricey but spiffy Carolina Inn right on campus.

Food and Fun

Because of the proximity to Franklin Street, there are many places to get food within walking distance. There are also a number of shops and bars nearby for after-Dip action.
Sometimes Dippers want to take a tour of the UNC campus, visit the nearby Morehead Planetarium, or extend their trips to North Carolina by visiting the Outer Banks or other sites.  

How About Youth?

Dixiecon is a good environment for young gamers who want to learn to play The Game, Diplomacy. We typically have several young players, from 14 or so and up, in every round. Many Dixiecon attendees have brought sons and daughters to the tournament to teach them the ropes. For more information about this issue, or just to make sure you as a parent are comfortable with the arrangements, please contact David Hood at davidhood@dixiecon.com or dhood@phd-law.com

How is Dixiecon Different?

Dixiecon has been around for a very long time, as Diplomacy tournaments go. What the event is primarily known for is the unlimited style of play. Whereas most tournaments by design or necessity end Diplomacy games after a certain number of hours or game-years, at Dixiecon the games end only when someone wins or every player left on the table votes to end the game in concession or win. The game is, therefore, focused on control of the stalemate line rather than arbitrary totals of centers at a certain point in an interrupted game. The Sunday round is a timed round, however, since we all have to go home sometime!